What kind of projects are accepted?

We mostly focus on computational redstone, like ALUs and adders and such. Our standards are fairly high; just a binary ripple carry adder is not going to cut it.

If you do think you have what it takes, you’re at the right place.
We have a two staged application process. First you make an application, then if that is accepted, you’ll be trialed. If your trial is accepted, you will get member status along with a huge plot!

The first thing you should do, is go and read the rules.

Now that you’ve read that, it’s time to write an application. This is fairly simple. You first go to our forums, and make an account. (go ahead and click that link, I’ll wait)

Made an account? Good.

Now, go to the Applications (New or Unapproved) subforum, and click “post thread”. Copy this over and fill it out:

Minecraft name:
What do you like the most about redstone?:
What's a thing you have made which demonstrates redstone knowledge?:
What does it do?:
Image and/or video, from imgur.com or youtube.com:
What do you plan on making for your build trial?:
Do you agree with the rules?:

If you fail to fill out the form, or don’t include videos or images, your application will not be accepted.

Now that you’ve filled that out, it’s time to press the Post Thread button to post the application. Then we wait.

Usually after a day or two, an admin/foreman will reply whether you’re accepted or not. If you are, hop on to the build server, mc.openredstone.org. If you’re lucky, there’s an admin/foreman online. If not, just try again later.

Tell the admin/foreman that you’re ready for a trial, and that your application was accepted. He/she will take you from there – if anything’s remotely unclear, ask! Staff exist to answer questions.