Here at the Open Redstone Engineers, we have few restrictions. Instead, we expect our members to be mature and respectful towards each other.


  • Maintain polite conversation (do not badmouth other players or engage in excessive swearing).
  • Refrain from use of racist, sexist, antisemitic, or otherwise derogatory remarks regarding a specific group of people.
  • Your account is your responsibility. If actions are performed under your account, you will be held liable
  • Do not take credit for creations that are not your own. Any plagiarism may result in a reprimand.
  • Respect the boundaries of plots and their owners’ rules.
  • Advertising is strictly prohibited unless first approved by the Staff team.
  • Avoid causing a lot of lag with WorldEdit.
  • Do not ask for a rank increase.
  • Do not post NSFW(18+) material to any service.
  • Generally be kind to others.

For more information regarding the rules, you can visit a more detailed page of rules on our forums.