ORE (Open Redstone Engineers) is a creative Minecraft server and a community with a focus on computational redstone. In order to create the best environment for creativity, innovation, and learning for our diverse userbase, ORE's staff team has done its best to assemble a sensible and effective set of rules.

These rules apply everywhere on the ORE Network, which includes:

And in general, these rules apply to any and all spaces or events, real or virtual, which are created or enacted in official capacity by or for ORE.

Server rules are not limited to the list below, and may change to better fit our needs in the future. We, and consequently ORE members, are also bound by our service provider's Terms of Service. These include Microsoft/Mojang and Discord.

Basic Expectations

On ORE, we have members of all ages, skill levels, and backgrounds. We expect everyone to respect other members regardless of these factors. Please also keep in mind that ORE is not a platform for drama; please keep feuds and arguments off of ORE.

Account Responsibility

Your accounts are your responsibility. If rules are broken with your account then you will be held responsible, regardless of who was using it. You should take steps to avoid your accounts being stolen. (Use strong passwords, don't re-use passwords between services, never share your login details with someone else, avoid downloading suspicious programs - generally, use common sense.)

Simplified Rules (TL;DR)

This section summarizes what actions and behaviors are prohibited by the full rules. It acts as a brief overview and quick reference.

The following are not allowed on any part of ORE:

  1. Disrespecting others
  2. Being racist, sexist, homophobic, or otherwise hateful or discriminatory
  3. Making chat ugly or hard to read (spamming, sending obtrusive messages, etc.)
  4. Inflammatory content (rage bait, controversial political content, etc.)
  5. NSFW (18+) content
  6. Content which staff cannot reasonably or safely moderate
  7. Wasting staff's time
  8. Ruining other members' experience on the server (griefing, spamming, creating lag, etc.)
  9. Scamming
  10. Advertising
  11. Running a bot (i.e. an automated user/player)
  12. Bulk collection of ORE user data (such as chat messages)

The following are not allowed on the survival server:

  1. Using hacks or mods which give an unfair advantage, such as x-ray or fly hacks

For more specific details, read the full rules below or click on an item in the summary to jump to the corresponding rule.

You can find information on punishments and appeals underneath the full rules.

Full Rules

Do not disrespect others.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Excessively attacking someone's character
  • Ignoring a plot owner's reasonable requests
  • Stealing credit for a build
  • Threatening harm against someone or encouraging someone else to do so
  • Doxxing.

Don't discriminate.

Refrain from posting, sharing, creating, or otherwise disseminating any racist, sexist, antisemitic, or otherwise derogatory content regarding a specific group of people. This includes, but is not limited to, messages, media, skins, and builds.

Don't make chat visually unappealing or less functional.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Repetitive messages (spam)
  • Large messages (flood)
  • Unnecessary and excessive formatting (all caps, strange characters, emojis, etc.)
  • Drive-by messages (joining, saying something, leaving)
  • Impersonation of bots/players
  • Generally repulsive or disturbing content.

No intentionally inflammatory content.

Do not post, share, create, or otherwise distribute on or through any part of the ORE network any content which is likely to provoke controversy, argument, or anger, or to shock or upset.

This especially applies to political content; it's best to avoid bringing up or sharing anything directly related to a controversial political issue. Political discussion is allowed, but there are some topics where a discussion cannot be held productively in a public forum.

Note: If you see something that gets a strong emotional reaction out of you (anger, fear, shock, etc.), and you feel like sharing it, take a few minutes to fact check it first. Look it up, see if you can find other independent sources for the information, or if someone else has already done a fact check on it. It takes just a little bit of mindfulness and a couple minutes out of your day to make sure you're not spreading misinformation.

No NSFW (18+) content.

This applies to any and all content, including, but not limited to, messages, media, skins, and builds.

Content which staff cannot safely or reasonably moderate is not permitted.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Executables, zip files, or any similar file which cannot be assessed without downloading
  • Long video or audio files, or any media file which takes a significant time investment to assess
  • Content in other languages. (A few non-English messages are fine but avoid extended conversations.)

Avoid wasting staff time or abusing moderation systems.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • NBT banning yourself or others (NBT banning refers to putting too much data in an inventory or chunk, preventing affected players from joining the server.)
  • Making jokes in help channels
  • Ignoring warnings from staff
  • Causing a commotion while staff is trying to calm things down.

Avoid limiting the ability of others to enjoy ORE.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Causing lag
    • Lag machines are only allowed on the Play server as long as they don't crash the server, aren't left on, and don't bother other players
  • Griefing
  • Spam messaging
  • Breaking redstone builds.

Scamming is prohibited.

Scamming refers to misleading users in order to obtain information, money, etc.

Advertising is prohibited.

Do not use our platform to sell or promote goods or services.

Some things which may otherwise be considered advertising are permitted if they occur as part of a normal conversation. Here are a few example conversations where the "advertising" is permitted:

A: Does anyone have the ip for PopularServer? B: Yeah it's mc.popularserver.fakeip A: Cool, thanks

A: Where should I go to learn about adders? B: If you can't find anyone to teach on ORE, I have a tutorial on adders here: youtube.com/notarealvideolink A: Nice, thanks for the link

A: What have you been up to? B: I've just been working on this new game, I've gotten pretty far into it A: ooo nice, got a link to it? B: Yeah, here it is: www.example.com but keep in mind it's still in beta

Do not run any sort of bot on ORE.

For purposes of this rule, a bot is defined as any program or software which uses an account (Minecraft, Discord, etc.) and/or connection (such as to IRC) to operate automatically in a way which interacts with other users.

Do not collect or scrape ORE user data without explicit opt-in consent.

This rule applies to any data shared on or through an ORE platform which is usually considered ephemeral or transient, including, but not limited to:

  • In-game chat messages
  • Discord messages
  • Discord voice calls or streams.

If you wish to collect and use such data, you must first obtain the explicit consent of each user whose data you wish to use.

Sometimes, this data is already logged through some mechanism, such as Minecraft output log files and Discord's message history. That does not, however, mean that you're allowed to use it. This rule is about any manner of scraping or collecting ORE user data, including from these existing sources.

Large data applications can be fun, but that is outweighed by considerations for the privacy of our members, and so we ask that you respect them by asking for permission before using their data.

Do not use hacks on the survival server.

Any hacks, cheats, mods, or tools which give you an unfair advantage are strictly not allowed on the survival server.

That said, you are allowed to use most mods/hacks when you're on the creative servers. Just be sure to keep rule 8 in mind; don't use mods or hacks in a way that will harm other players' experience on the server.

Types of Punishments

There are a few different punishments which we use on ORE, they are as follows:

  • Warning: You are told by a staff member to avoid breaking rules in the future.
  • Kick: You are disconnected from the server but are able to rejoin immediately afterwards.
  • Timeout: You are unable to send messages in the Discord server for the duration of the punishment.
  • Tempban (Temporary Ban): You are unable to join the Minecraft server for the duration of the punishment.
  • Indefinite Ban: You are unable to join the Minecraft server.
  • Permanent Ban: You are unable to join the Minecraft server and you are unable to appeal.

Timeouts and temporary or indefinite bans may be reduced or overturned in response to accepted appeals.

In some instances, such as chat-related offenses, the received punishment (such as a ban) may be carried across the ORE network. That is, a ban may be applied both in-game and on the Discord server.


If you have been banned, you may appeal it here. Appeals are a chance for you to make your case for why your punishment should be reduced or overturned entirely. This is not something we take lightly and is generally a process which involves multiple staff members and takes multiple days.

Make sure to follow the provided appeal format when posting your appeal. Some bans may have a condition about how long after the ban you can appeal, so make sure to double check the ban reason.

Last Updated 25th Mar 2023

Members agree not to use our services in the development/maintenance/operation of nuclear weapon systems

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