Before joining ORE back in November 2013, I had previously fallen in-love with the idea that real world logical circuits could be built out of Redstone. That time being spent trying to figure things out on my own. After a bit I thought “there has got to be a community out there somewhere for this”. A short search later, I found ORE through a Newomaster YouTube video on division. I jumped right in. A short time later, I saw that people were not only making Adders, Multipliers, Dividers, etc… but also full CPUs… I was hooked. I spent the next several years learning everything I could from the community and Google/YouTube searches. Fast forward to a few years ago and I was able to use the skills gained from building CPUs on ORE to get a job building computational accelerators on FPGAs and working on new kinds of microprocessor organization. Those skills gained were not only the scientific and engineering based skills, but also how to collaborate with others constructively… Learned some valuable lessons on how to take criticism of different kinds (lol). In addition, I have been an Admin since mid 2014. The amount of management and administrative experience that has granted me… is immeasurable. I truly dreamed about being able to do what I am doing for a living now… and without ORE those dreams would simply not have been possible in any realistic timeline.

ORE Builder: 2013 – Present
ORE Admin: 2014 – Present
Company Founder: 2018 – Present
Professional Microarchitect: 2019 – Present
Professional Lead Engineer: 2020 – Present
LordDecapo: Forever